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Appolo HUB concept

HUB is a network of laser application laboratories which provide the laser micromachining assessment services for industry partners. APPOLO HUB is a part of the APPOLO project, dedicated to test novel laser micromachining technologies in close to industrial environment. The role of the HUB is to collect and transfer experiences and technologies, obtained during APPOLO project, from the laser application laboratories to ends users, willing to use laser manufacturing tools.

Therefore, HUB employs APPOLO project partners, which are providing the laser equipment assessment services for various partners: laser and component manufacturers, laser system integrators with access to global markets and end users, willing to employ novel manufacturing methods to increase their competitiveness.

Objectives of the HUB:

  • prepare clear procedures of assessment services;
  • manage and analyse the assessment projects;
  • compare  with alternative technologies.
  • prepare public reports on assessment services to broader propagate laser-based manufacturing.

HUB activities are intended to:


  • operational procedures for efficient assessment execution;
  • high-quality assessment service;
  • assessment procedures, based on feedback from APPOLO Industrial Advisory Board;
  • standards for assessment;
  • certification of laser equipment.

attract potential HUB customers:

  • equipment suppliers looking for applications/validation;
  • end-users looking for solutions (equipment which can solve their technology requests);
  • system integrators – specific requests, that they cannot test at their location.

pave a way for sustainable operation of HUB as laser technology service provider.