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On 4th of November 2015 APPOLO workshop was held in Bern University of Applied Sciences BUAS, Switzerland.

The actual APPOLO workshop on high throughput and high precision laser micro machining with ultrashort pulses follows this idea and brings together researchers, laser and laser equipment manufacturers as well as integrators and end users. Speakers from APPOLO partners as well as from other companies and research institutes presented and discussed actual demands, physical basics, principal limits and new innovative solutions. The goal of the workshop was to give an overview about the actual trends and developments in laser systems and equipment for micro machining with ultra-short pulses to encourage the development of new ideas for industrial applications.

During the workshop discussions the idea of organizing a summer school on High Throughput and High Precision Laser Micro Machining with Ultra Short Pulses came up. More details on summer school will be provided later.

More information about APPOLO Workshop (participants, presentations): Link