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Equipment: Ekspla NL220
Applications: 3D microfabrication; micromoulds. Microfluidics. Surface ablation by thermal heating. In glass marking within 10cm depth. Ablation of immersed surfaces.
Properties: 25 ns, 10 mJ @ 500 Hz; 532 or 1064 nm. 10 nm precission XYZ piezo stage (WA: 0,5x0,5x0,25 mm).
Tested materials:
Laboratory: Lithuania - FTMC
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Method Min feature size Working area Process speed
 ns Ultrashort Pulse Laser Ablation 15 µm (1:10 aspect ratio)
50 µm (1:1)
20x20x5 cm  Material dependent
1000-100000 µm3/s
 Laser Direct Writing 3-5 µm 20×20 cm  Up to 2 m/s with XYZ stages;
20 m/s with galvoscanners
 Laser Beam Interference Ablation Period  ~ wavelength 0.5×0.5×0,25 mm 1000 µm2/shot