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HUB offers service to assess and verify novel laser manufacturing technologies for industrial use. We provide technological expertise in laser micro-manufacturing, as well as offer lasers, laser workstations and analysis equipment to conduct the assessment tests. HUB is performing the testing activities at one in 5 laser application laboratories, located in Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Finland and Lithuania.

Assessment of laser equipment

We assess new lasers, scanners, beam guiding equipment and laser workstations to verify how they meet our customer expectations. Outcome of our activities are comparison with relevant industrial equipment and develop guidelines for efficient use of the equipment in industrial processes.

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Laser processing verification

Laser micromachining requires detailed knowledge of equipment and processing know-how to achieve the good-quality and reliable results in production. We offer service to process your samples and products with CW, ns, ps and fs laser beams. We define the optimal laser equipment for particular application and provide information about limiting factors.

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Laser micromachining Ownership Costs & Benefits

Analysis of information about costs and alternatives for processing. HUB provides reports for the costs of ownership of laser systems and processes which include:

  • Analysis of laser processing parameters and their limiting factors;
  • Quality testing at end-user site (if necessary);
  • Process flow analysis – evaluation of laser integration at industrial lines;
  • Cost-of-ownership estimations including maintenance requirements, lifetime;
  • Applicable materials for processing – what else can be processed with the same equipment reliably.

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