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Equipment: ML100
Applications: 3D laser micromachining (Drilling, cutting, milling, marking, selective laser ablation
Properties: Fix lens head, processing gas avalable. XYZ, rotation and tilt stages. Vision system TTL.
Tested materials: Polymer, metals (Al, Cu, Fe, Ti, Mo, etc. ), Glasses, Thin film structures, Photonic crystals, Ceramics (aluminum oxide, etc.)
Laboratory: Spain - UPM
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Laser Spectra Physics HIPPO:  DPSS Nd:YVO4 355 nm, Pulse-width ~15 ns  5-300 kHz, 5 W @ 50 kHz
Laser Excimer ATL Laser Lasertechnik SP300i:  KrF excimer  248 nm. Pulse-width ~7 ns 300 Hz 5W @ 300 Hz. Mask projection


Method Min feature size Working area Process speed
 ns Ultrashort Pulse Laser Ablation 10 µm  spot diameter 100x150x100 mm 20 mm/s
 ns Ultrashort Pulse Laser Ablation 3.5 x 6 mm 400x200x100 mm XYZ Scanner 100×100 mm Stage XY :  0.5 m/s
Scanner Head: 10 m/s