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Equipment: Light Conversion Pharos
Applications: Cold ablation with smooth surface finish. Refractive index (n) modification in materials. Surface coloring. Works on transparent materials. In glass marking. Cutting of biomaterials (i.e. cheese). Multiple Ø interference spots, distributed in hexagonal pattern. Max depth ~20nm, laser spot size ~10um.
Thin-film structuring. Selective and localized modifications of surface. Can pattern immersed surfaces.
Properties: 300 fs, 6W @ 300kHz. 515 & 1030 nm. Hi-precision Aerotech stages 150x150 mm, vision system
Tested materials: Patterning: glass, metals, semiconductors, dielectrics. Waveguide modification. Dark silicon surface. Photonic crystals. Photopolimerization of SZ2080 (ormosil) for living cell compatible 3D patterns.
Laboratory: Lithuania - FTMC
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Method Min feature size Working area Process speed
 fs Ultrashort Pulse Laser Ablation 3-5 µm 20x20x15 cm 200 mm/s
 fs Laser Direct Writing 300 nm 20×20 cm 200 mm/s
 fs Laser Beam Interference Ablation Period 0.62 or 1.7 um. Can use 2, 4 or 6 beams for interference, giving different spot shapes 20×20 cm 200 mm/s