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HUB is envisioned to become a center for technology transfer to laser micromachining industry. New concepts of laser processing are to be tested at the HUB laboratories and results will be exploited in 4 different forms:


  1. Services: HUB participants perform services either for industrial or public/research customers (e.g. patterning, validation, …)
  2. IP licensing: Jointly developed IP can be licensed centrally, avoiding costly and timely individual negotiations
  3. New projects: The HUB can act as a single entity to acquire new projects and can thus bring unparalleled depth, knowledge and excellence to bear.
  4. Spin-Offs: New companies, developed either in tandem with corporate partners or as spin-offs based on HUB IP can generate significant returns when the HUB exits its position (i.e. sale of shares, IPO).