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Expertise: Optical fiber characterization
Additional information: Characterization of optical fibers produced in-house or from external suppliers,
characterization of active and passive fibers, single-clad, double-clad,
delivery fibers for ultra-short pulsed lasers (hollow-core fibers)

Equipement: • High resolution 2D refractive index mapping equipment
• scattering loss measurement
• OTDR, fluorescence lifetime measurement
several amplifier setups for direct in system testing of active fibers
• dispersion measurement
• polarization state,
• pulse length measurement (optical sampling scope, autocorrelator)
• optical spectrum analyzer
Contact person: Valerio Romano
Category: 1. Laser processing trials, 2. Sample (process results) analysis, 4. Implementation of laser technologies, 5. Product development, 6. Concept assessment, 7. Technology/ equipment assessment
Laboratory: Switzerland - BUAS