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Expertise: Characterization of lasers and beam delivery systems
Additional information: Validation of laser source specifications, long-term stability measurements, beam caustic measurement, ultra-short pulsed laser systems for precision micromachining, high energy and high power lasers for shock and thermal processing. Design, implementation and characterization of beam delivery solutions.
Equipement: • Primes MicroSpotMonitor
• HAAS BeamWaistAnalyzer Camera
• Pulse energy meter
• High repetition rate energy meter
• Power meters
• Optical spectrum analyzer
• Polarimeter
• Pulse temporal characterization by auto-correlator or optical sampling oscilloscope
• Analysis of 3D-Galvo scanner systems

Contact person: Dr. Valerio Romano
Category: 1. Laser processing trials, 4. Implementation of laser technologies, 5. Product development, 6. Concept assessment, 7. Technology/ equipment assessment
Laboratory: Switzerland - BUAS