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Expertise: Technological transfer to industry of laser material processes
Additional information: Experts in thin film processing, laser processes for photovoltaics and flex electronics industry. Specialist in Laser Induced Forward Transfer and Direct Write of materials with laser. Experts in development of laser applications for biotechnology and biomedicine.

Numerical modeling of laser matter interaction
Equipement: • Macroprocessing lab: High Power, CW lasers and positioning systems (CO2 lasers up to 2700 W, Nd:YAG up to 3500 W, Cartesian and Scara robots). Cell for Laser Shock Peening applications equipped with high power (2,5 J per pulse) ns laser.
• Micro and nanoprocessing lab: Ps and ns lasers sources emitting at 355 nm, 532 nm and 1064 nm. Beam guiding and positioning systems (galvo scanners, Cartesian systems). Laser machinery (Innolas, Optec, etc.) and monitoring and control for material processing
• Equipment assessment lab: Appolo test benches for equipment assessment (include positioning system, instrumentation for monitoring and control)
• Biolab: instrumentation for cell culture (Biological safety cabin, CO2 incubator, centrifugue, etc.)
Contact person: Carlos Molpeceres
Category: 1. Laser processing trials, 2. Sample (process results) analysis, 3. Laser process (technology) development, 6. Concept assessment, 7. Technology/ equipment assessment
Laboratory: Spain - UPM