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Equipment: Spectra Physics Milennia
Applications: Thin film ablation, Surface texturing, Laser doping of crystalline solar cells, a-Si annealing and fast surface crystallization of amorphous thin film material, Metal sintering, Material heat treatment.
Properties: DPSS Nd:YVO4 532 nm, CW 15 W, XYZ stages, Scanner
Tested materials: Sintering metals and Ag pastes for photovoltaics applications. Amorphous thin film silicon crystallization.
Laboratory: Spain - UPM
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Method Min feature size Working area Process speed
 ps Ultrashort Pulse Laser Ablation ~50 µm Scanner: 10×10 cm
Stages: 30 x30 cm
Scanner: 3 mm/s-10 m/s
Stages: up to 0.3 m/s at 0.1 µm resolution