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Additional information: Sapphire dicing can be performed using combining of two picosecond laser beams: first beam- 1064 nm and second – 355 nm. Furthermore, sapphire dicing can be performed with picosecond laser with burst pulse option. Sapphire dicing achieves speeds up to 300 mm/s.

The rear-side helical drilling process of soda lime glass is an efficient method for holes fabrication in a 4 mm thickness glass sheet with the nanosecond laser. Circular, taper-less holes geometries are processed using this technique. The holes quality is controlled by adjusting the laser fluence and vertical drilling speed. Maximum throughput of 1.2 s per hole with ablation rate of 2.5 mm3/s can be achieved with available system setup.
Equipement: • Picosecond lasers Atlantic and Atlantic 6
• Nanosecond laser Baltic HP
Contact person: Paulius Gečys
Category: 4. Implementation of laser technologies
Laboratory: Lithuania - FTMC